Spring In Edinburgh- A Sight For Sore Eyes

It’s official… I’m a terrible blogger.

I have a good excuse though!  It’s called a MASTERS PROGRAM.


Submission Week… UGH.

I wish I could say I’ve been adventuring to see new places and relaxing outside street cafes and frolicking over the heather in the highlands… But alas, I’ve been chained to a computer screen.  My partner for the term project is great fun, which is about the only reason I survived!!


I even invented a new coffee drink at home, inspired by facebook… Tastes just like a sweetened latte!!

Good Lord this has been a busy semester, we hardly had time to breathe.  On our second day back we had a field trip, and then another one in the first week in February, and it’s been non-stop since then.  The cool thing about the semester is that all our assignments build on the same project, so they all unique but tie together into a big exhibition in the next few weeks.  But it meant I didn’t do much except school this semester.  Outside of school, I’ve been doing my best to explore new parts of the city and to visit shops I’ve been wanting to see.

Marys Milk Bar

A visit to Mary’s Milk Bar with Cecilia. We got hot chocolate floats! This one is a white cardamom hot chocolate with a scoop of rose gelato. SO GOOD, and you can’t beat the view!

When I can, I go to see my good friend Moira who let my parents and I stay at her house over Hogmanay, and who takes care of me here in Edinburgh.  She had her hip replaced at the end of February, so any spare time I had I made it over to her house to help her while she recovered.  She’s healing slowly despite several setbacks, but she is starting to be able to move around easier.  Sore, but determined to heal.  She’s a tough lady, I think that’s why I like her so much 🙂

Moira and Willow Collage

Willow and I went to visit Moira, and had fun reading her get well cards 🙂

When classes finished on April 2nd, my classmates and I had a celebratory lunch at Ting Thai Caravan (THE BEST THAI IN EDINBURGH) and I went home to SLEEP.  I desperately needed to rest and not think about the project.  I’m happy with it despite a few things (as things always go) I just needed to take a break.  We are on Spring Break from the 3rd until the 22nd, so we get lots of time to breathe and revise our work before our exhibition on the 20th of May.


The first blooms of spring… Crocuses in the Meadows!

This week has been GLORIOUS!! Edinburgh got the memo that we were on break, because the same day we gave our presentations the sun came out, and stayed out!  It has been absolutely gorgeous in this city all week.  Gorgeous days followed by gorgeous sunsets.  I dressed up for Easter and made my own holiday lunch, then headed to Portobello Beach for the evening church service.  I hadn’t been there yet so it was lovely to see the ocean.  I want to come back and explore a bit, but I’ll settle for figuring out the bus route for now 🙂


AMAZING Easter dinner, the gorgeous day at the beach, and stunning sunset from after church!


Does this look about right, mom? Heehee 🙂

Tuesday was fantastic as well with a wonderful box from home!  Daddy put it together while mom was at a conference- it has JELLY and HONEY and his homemade candies in it!  It all tastes so much like home it almost makes me cry.  Mama sent me a lovely bracelet and an Easter basket with Reeses eggs, my absolute favorite candy OF. ALL. TIME.  She knows me so well 🙂 AAAANNNNNDDD…. Drumroll please….. SHE’S COMING FOR A VISIT NEXT MONTH!!!  It will be so good to see mom again!


Easter love from HOME!!! I love my family so much 🙂

I’ve done more shopping than I should, slept a lot, cooked a lot, and am getting back into the swing of exercising.  It’s been so nice out, I’ve broken free of the treadmill 😛 Now that I’ve gotten my brain back I can start working again next week.  One more paper for my elective and then the exhibition, and it will be dissertation (thesis) time! Scary…

It’s hard to believe I’m almost a third of the way through my time in Edinburgh.  It makes me really sad to think of leaving.  This place has truly become a home and I love living here.  I DO know that when I leave at the end of this term, I will definitely be back!  I have met too many wonderful people for this one year to be the last time I see them. Moira, for one, would never forgive me if I didn’t come back 🙂


Beauty wherever you look 🙂

Mom visits in a month, in two months I head to Seattle for Amanda’s wedding, and then I have just a month and a half left to enjoy the wonder of this city.  Time really, really flies, much faster than I wanted it to.  I’m doing my best to make the most of every single second I have left in this new home of mine.

Next time… I will hopefully have a few more updates from Christmas!!! I know I know, I am a dismal failure of a blogger, but I’m doing my best 🙂

See you soon!

Love and Laughs,