All The Way to 1124- A Hermit and an Abbey

Last Wednesday, my Scottish Architecture Before 1650 class went on a trip to Inchcolm Abbey.  Check out this awesome 12th Century ruin!


Inchcolm Abbey- Built in 1125 as tribute to David 1’s brother Alexander.

Yes, I get to go visit ancient abbeys and castles for class credit 🙂  I love Scotland!

Last Wednesday I hopped on a train at Waverly Station headed for Dalmeny.  The train stopped just before the famous Firth of Forth (or as my mom and I jokingly say, the Forth of Firth… I still can’t get it right).

Forth of Firth


From the train station it was a short walk through the trees to the waterfront.  Inchcolm Abbey is located on Inchcolm Island in the Firth of Forth.  The ferry dock is right at the base of the bridge, you can just see a blue smudge of a ferry in the middle image above.  My teacher arrived with his two adorable dogs, who accompanied us all day!

Let's Get Married on a Boat!

Good to know if you have the urge to get married on a boat!

The ride was COLD (Yes this Alaskan can admit being COLD) and we got splashed a few times on the hour long ride to Inchcolm Island.  Besides the wind, this place was amazing!

Inchcolm Details

We wandered through the abbey, up tiny spiral staircases and up the tower.  Oh, correction… The rest of the class went up.  After the first tiny claustrophobic spiral staircase, and in the memory of the never-ending staircase at St. Andrews, I opted to skip the tower this time.  I think I can sleep soundly without being haunted by that decision 🙂

Hermit's Cell

The last place we visited at Inchcolm before we left was the Hermit’s Cell.  This was the original building on the island back when Alexander I and his crew were rescued here, and before the abbey was built.  There is enough room for a pallet and a place to kneel to pray.  I really liked this little place- It was peaceful, set back in nice foliage, and had a sacred feel to it.  I would love to go back just to sit in this little alcove.

After Inchcolm and the ferry ride back, we visited Dalmeny Church.  I don’t know much about this church, but the details were beautiful!



This weekend… Halloween Shenanigans (Scottish, of course) and a trip to the Highlands!  Stay tuned for more photos!

Halloween Preview

Halloween Preview 🙂

Have a great week!

Love and Laughs,