A Chapter Closed, A Chapter Begun

Ok, I know most of you that read this are on Facebook or talk to me most days anyway… But just in case the complete lack of writing over the last four months had you worried, I promise I’m alive 🙂

Between finishing our project in April (we did REALLY well!) Mom’s visit (EPIC beyond all proportions) planning my dissertation (SCARY) going back to the states for three weeks (So many friends, cities, and a beautiful wedding!) and finally hitting the ground running on my dissertation… It’s been busy to say the least.  I can honestly tell you that I haven’t had any time to write for fun since the last blog. Ok maybe not so honest… I was doing lots of fun things instead!

How about a quick photo timeline of the summer?


Willow and I in Glasgow for the Pentatonix concert!

May was preparing for the final exhibition, visiting Glasgow with Willow for the Pentatonix concert, and doing the Color Me Rad 5K with my classmates.  We had a blast!

Color Run

Left photo taken by Delia- us girls before the shenanigans ensued 🙂 | Middle Photo taken by Saran- fully color bombed!! | Color bomb selfie!

But the grand finale?!  I met MOM in Frankfurt the day after the 5K!! We spent five days in Switzerland exploring Basel, Montreux, Vevey, Interlaken, and Bern.  We spent a day in Reims, France and visited the cathedral and papal palace.  We took an early train to Calais and took the ferry to Dover, then met friends in Canterbury.  We spent the next week in Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye before taking Mom down to London for her flight home.  But more about our trip later, I PROMISE 🙂

Mom and Switzerland

Swiss francs | Mama on the beach in North Berwick | Our Exhibition on display

I had a month to hang out with friends and make progress on my dissertation research before flying to Washington for Amanda and Tyler’s wedding!  I spent some time with Becca and a few fantastic days with my family the week before the wedding- I even got to be with my dad on Father’s day!  I am truly blessed to get to be with BOTH my parents on their special days 🙂

We had the bachellorette party in Astoria, Oregon and a barbecue at Amanda’s parents house, then headed to a bar for some live music.  Saturday we did the flowers and decorated the venue for the reception before the rehearsal, then went to a Thai restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  Sunday was the big day!  We had so much fun!!

It was the honor of a lifetime to be a part of Tyler and Amanda’s wedding.  Amanda is my best friend, my sister- we shared in each other’s spiritual walks through our time as roommates in college.  It was a joy to see her marry Tyler, her perfect match!!


Astoria Bachellorette Festivities | I got to play florist for the wedding! | All the ladies looking lovey 🙂 Photo by Cabell Tice Photography

The night of the wedding Becca and I drove to Seattle- I had a flight HOME!! for three days I got to spend some much needed time with family and friends back home.  I got to surprise my grandma and bake my grandpa a belated birthday cake.  I got to go hiking with my best friend from high school and his boyfriend, and go fishing with my daddy.  I got to have burgers and make ice cream with Rebecca and Jacki, my coworkers from the Division and Mary and Falon!


My lovely little Summit | Fishing with Daddy!! Always a blast 🙂 | Fireweed, my all time favorite!

Back to Washington for a week, then flew out on July 13th for Edinburgh and MAD DASH DISSERTATION WRITING.  Beast Mode Activation paid off, because I submitted exactly a month to the day on August 13th! And with that, my masters studies are complete 🙂  I am completely free to enjoy the Fringe Festival and be a semi-tourist in this amazing city I have called home for the last year!


This city is home now… | Buckets of good coffee here! | Coloring and Roman Holiday, How could you go wrong??


Now to pack, move in with Moira, and head home in a month.  I promise I will fill in the more juicy bits of my summer in the next week or so, now that my schedule is MUCH more open!  Til then, keep smiling!

Love and Laughs,