Settling In, Branching Out

Alright, I KNEW I would be horrible at keeping up on posts!! Sorry for the month-long gap, guys…

I have been in Scotland for a month and a half now, loving the crap out of most of this adventure and yelling expletives at the rest of it.  These are a few of my favorite things…

These are a few of m favorite things

My 9 flatmates are AMAZING (Say hello to Celine!) My Scottish Architecture professor is fantastic (he even brought his dogs on our class trip) And these amazing old buildings still leave me breathless.

Oh, and you should SERIOUSLY go listen to this clip on Soundcloud.  Celine and I found this guy when we were exploring one day and we were both hooked 🙂

Super boring picture that means I am FINALLY able to sleep :')

Super boring picture that means I am FINALLY able to sleep :’)

The whole adjusting to a foreign country thing isn’t always hunky dory, I’ll admit.  For the first month I couldn’t sleep AT. ALL.  I had forgotten the perils of dorm beds and their complete lack of padding.  I would seriously wake up in the morning with pressure bruises on my elbows.  I resorted to sleeping on top of my duvet for a little bit of cushion, just hoping to get a few hours rest.  I had pretty much given up hope of sleeping this year, BUT THEN, when my dividend check arrived, I decided the best dividend gift to me would be a lovely MATTRESS TOPPER!! Now my bed is like being wrapped in clouds and marshmallow fluff and unicorn hugs.

The other fairly annoying point was our completely empty kitchen.  The University Accommodation website advertised the flat as “equipped with necessary items.”  That meant a microwave and refrigerators.  Every other university accommodation I have been in at least offers utensils and a few baking pans!  Nope, we split our money and slowly built up our kitchen so we could actually cook.

Collage 2- Food

We’re still missing a few things, but I think we manage, don’t you?

Food, Check.  Sleep, check.  Lots of random city adventures between classes, check!

I try to take as much time between classes to wander the city.  So far my meanderings have found me an independent bookshop that loathes, where I found a book of horror stories by comedians. Let’s just say they have truly tortured minds… I also found an amazing art shop full of prints, and they offer a student discount!  I finally found something to put on my last plain white wall!  Two Art Nouveau portraits and an oil painting of a bowl of flowers.  I’ve also found a stationary shop, a plethora of charity (thrift) shops, an awesome pizza joint and of course, plenty of coffee shops.

Collage 3- Adventures

A bagpiper playing lovely hymns, the view from Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, and my favorite giraffe statue 🙂

Oh, SCHOOL you say?  I guess that’s worth mentioning 😉

I love my classes!  I have two core classes for my degree program, and one optional course to reach my credit requirement.  Sustainable Context and Theories and Sustainable Methodologies are the two cores, and they are both fascinating.  We went to a small village and a seaside town as part of our first class project, which was a blast.  The village was literally a block of houses and a train station- the project was to focus on implementing infrastructure that could accommodate the town if it grew to be an outer suburb of Edinburgh, so we were starting from the ground up.  The seaside town is called North Berwick (pronounced Berrick) and my whole class wandered the town before beach-combing and getting coffee at the Seabird Institute down the beach.  All this for class credit!

My optional course is Scottish Architecture Before 1650.  I kid you not… This class is entirely learning about castles, cathedrals, and abbeys in Scotland!  Best class EVER.  Well, best elective ever, haha. We went on a trip in this class too, out to an abbey on an island that was built in 1126!!! On the way back we also stopped at a church uphill.  Post on that trip coming soon.


Besides that… We pretty much just buckle down and work… No fun to be had at all…

Yahia's Photo

Photo from my classmate Yahia. He was attempting a nice portrait…


Three of the lovely ladies from my classes! Nehaa, myself, Cristina, and Delia 🙂


My next post will be from the lovely Inchcolm Abbey!  I’ll try to have it up in the next few days 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Love and Laughs,






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