Fore!! Day Trip to St. Andrews

Happy Monday!

Saturday was my first trip in Scotland visiting attractions outside Edinburgh.  This is only a SLIGHT stretch… Mom and I went to Rosslyn Chapel just outside Edinburgh when we were here in 2012.  But it’s BARELY outside the city, so I’m stretching it 🙂

St. Andrews is around 45 minutes from campus.  Three giant tour buses dropped us off outside the fog-wrapped cathedral.  I had a small twinge of disappointment that I wouldn’t be able to get clear photos, but the longer I looked at the crumbled facade the more it looked like a beautiful old woman wrapped in a lace shawl.

Edit IMG_0176

This would have been the sanctuary.

My flat mate Ave came on the trip too, and we spent the day walking down the pier (well, old stone walkway into the ocean) watching golfers on the old links, and wandering the city.  The trip included admission to the castle and the abbey tower on the cathedral grounds.  The castle was attacked by French galleys and destroyed, and the cathedral fell into disrepair during the Scottish Reformation and eventually crumbled.  (Click on the picture strip to see bigger versions of the photos)


It was a fantastic day, and we both really had fun learning about the town’s history.  It’s so crazy to see buildings from 1128 and earlier, and stone walls built during the Plague.  Things that seemed like distant, imaginary entities in history class literally come alive and breath in places like this.  I can’t wait to explore more places 🙂


Had to finish the day with honeycomb pecan gelato!


One thought on “Fore!! Day Trip to St. Andrews

  1. Carolyn Dwight says:

    Good pictures! I agree w/ you about history ‘coming alive’ when one is standing in the middle of noted places rather than reading about some far away place.


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