Less Than a Week to Go!!

It’s almost go time!  I have most of my ducks in a row, appointments made and attended, lists falling out of my ears.  And you know what I’ve discovered in the final days leading up to my departure?


Packing SUCKS.

I mean seriously, did I really think I was going to fit five skirts, seven camisoles, thirteen dresses, ten t-shirts, nine pairs of pants, ten blouses, and my slouchy mustard suede boots  into two bags?  My reality check- suitcases are not walk in closets on wheels.

Well actually… I got pretty close.  Believe it or not, I got it all to fit right at 50 pounds per bag.  But then you get to thinking “hmm… what if I buy stuff over there?  Will I be able to send it home?  Will I have to bring home THREE bags?”  Yeah, there’s no way I’m hauling three massive suitcases through an airport.  Nope.

So back to square one.  Get everything put in piles, see what goes together, try again.  The battle begins… My attempts at organization and consolidation soon became full on trench warfare.

Trench Warfare

How do you pack a year of your life into two bags?  How do you know what you’ll need, where you’ll go, what will change?  This whole process truly hasn’t been very stressful, but packing is the first time I’ve really thought “I’m moving.  I’m moving to SCOTLAND.  This isn’t a vacation, this is going to be a year of learning a different culture.  This is going to be a year outside of my comfort zone and trying things that I’ve never considered trying before.

Alright, time to turn down the sentimentality and crank up the practicality.  “Taylor, do you HONESTLY think you will wear your mustard boots enough to justify the suitcase space?  That material won’t even hold up in the rain.”  Toss to the discard pile.

Thirteen dresses?  What thirteen formal events will I really be attending, and won’t it be more fun to find something once I’m across the pond?  Discard pile.  A few will do.

I whittled down the stacks to get a much more reasonable amount of luggage, but there were a few non-negotiables I had to include.  This was the only sentimentality I allowed myself.

Must haves

My bogs. They’re warm enough for winter and waterproof!

My grandpa’s bear belt buckle.  This was a gift from my grandma the year after he passed, and it’s my reminder of my family wherever I go.

Thomas Hammer Coffee.  This is completely ridiculous and a waste of space to most people… But I really love coffee.  And in the Land of Earl Grey, it will be a comfort to have some good coffee!

Meet Mig.  Mig’s full name is l’Ours Mignon (The Cute Bear) but that’s a mouthful so he goes by Mig.  I might be too old to have a teddy bear, but I don’t care 🙂

My coffee mug.  This mug combines a lot of my favorite things- well, coffee, the Alaskan birch trees, and the moon.  This is my reminder of home.


With the ridiculous out of the way and the essentials determined, I slogged my way out of the trenches and came out with a much more manageable packing list.  My goal is to cut even this smaller set in half, so I know I will have space to bring back my memories of school.

This time next week I will be in Edinburgh to start the next chapter of my life!  Check in to hear how it goes!


Much love,




Just a Little Life Changing Post….

Hey… Hey, guess what?

Visa Pic

IT CAME!!! I’m all official and stuff now! 😀

This little baby means I can officially enter the UK and stay for two full years.  Now the only thing I need to worry about for the next 26 days is packing and a few minor loose strings.  

Let’s do this!