Welcome Distractions

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!

As of Monday the 14th the British Consulate has my visa application, and they will let me know within ten working days whether I am approved or not.

In order to distract myself (aka to keep from going completely bonkers waiting) I’ve done my best to stay busy since then.  Last weekend I went on a nine-mile hike in my favorite mountains with some girlfriends.  This one isn’t just long… boulder-hopping, steep switchbacks, mud, and rain compounded to make this one seriously intense hike!

The gals

Beki, me, and Miranda on Reed Lakes Trail

The rest of the week included Frisbee, dancing, sewing projects, and a bridal shower… And taking photos of my favorite smush-faced pooch.  But my favorite distractions are a special set of new additions living right above my front porch.  On Saturday, I noticed tiny little beaks poking out of the nest and managed to sneak a photo.  Mama Bird (Who we named Rowena) is extremely protective of her three little bundles and her favorite pastime is to dive-bomb any head that walks by.  Unfortunately the nest is FOUR STEPS from our front door!  Silly bird…

MamaBirdand Summit

                    Waiting for babies | My goober dog chasing a golf ball | First view of the little ones

Sunday was extremely traumatic.  A magpie swooped into the nest and attacked the babies, bringing out full-on rage mode from our dear Mama Bird.  She spent the next hour ruffled up, yelling to all the yard to keep away from her little ones.

All three babies made it through the attack just fine 🙂  And they grew obnoxiously fast.  The rest of my week went by quickly, as I spent most of my time sitting on the hood of my car with my camera, poised to snap a photo of Mama Bird feeding her babies.


Oh, it’s a good thing they got cuter…

The babies finally fledged on Monday and Tuesday.  The biggest one fledged early and Mama Bird took him to a safe place in the woods.  The other two took a while longer, but we were able to watch the last one make his first flight!


“Mom! Look what I did, look!”

It was bittersweet to see those little ones leave… The nest just looks sad without the flurry of life that surrounded it the last three weeks.  Maybe the little ones will remember their bumbling human friends and come back to us next year.

Lovely welcome distractions- now to find something else to keep me distracted 🙂



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