Here Goes Nothing


This is starting to feel real.

This has been an idea six years in the making.  Way back when I was deciding where to go to college, my dad had the offhand idea for me to go to school in Scotland.  “Tayz, how cool would that be?! You would have so much fun!”

No way!  That would be crazy- I would be stressed enough writing papers in college, let alone papers in another form of English.  Nope, not a chance.

Fast forward four years. I have my Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture, eyeball deep in student loan debt, and in desperate need of a change.  I have a good job, lots of time with my family, and a great group of friends, but something is missing.  Fresh out of college and straight into a career? Not enough adventure.  It’s time for an adventure.

Here’s the plan!  I’m accepted into the Advanced Sustainable Design Programme at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  Scholarships were applied for (and not received) student loans applied for, flights are booked, housing is set up.  There is even a stack of bedding waiting on my bed in my flat.  All I needed was a visa!  A very expensive, easily rejected visa. An item that I can’t live in the UK without.

So here goes nothing!  Just this morning I sent off all the paperwork to the British Consulate in New York.  That little stamp is the last hurdle to jump over in order to start my adventure.  I’m adding up all my prayers, positive vibes and good luck into a massive pile of hope… and lots of excitement!

Wish me luck!




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